7 Top Tourist Places to Visit in South India

Southern India (including Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu) is, in reality, a historically distinctive location that separates it. Every State has not just succeeded in retaining its own distinct identity. Comprehensive temple architecture, ruins of antiquity, palm canals, meditation, and beaches give you a diverse and interesting excursion. The article illustrates South India’s top tourist attractions. So many wonderful places are there that it is hard to choose just a handful!

Hampi, Karnataka

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The laid-back village of Hampi was once the last capital of Vijayanagar, one of India’s largest Hindu empires in history, one of India’s top historic destinations. It has some interesting buildings, combined fascinatingly with large blocks that rise up across the whole landscape. The ruins of the 14th-century stretch for just over twenty-five kilometers and include over five hundred monuments. In this ancient location, an immense force can be detected. Hampi is frequently visited from Goa as several transportation options exist. This Hampi guide will plan your journey.

Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal, Karnataka

Badami, Aihole, and Pattadakal have been worth visiting in historic sites such as Badami (formerly Vatapi). The Chalukya dynasty, which existed there between the 4th and the 8th centuries, is abundant in walls, temples and ruins. The renowned architecture style of Chalukya was established in Aihole, and around 125 stone temples are packed with the village which unfortunately receives little publicity. Badami is one of the attractions of the Indian caves, containing four collections of magnificent ancient cave temples cut off from the rock. The temple complex of Pattadakal is smaller.

Kerala Backwaters

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One of the best things to do in Kerala is to pass the canals with palms, known as backwaters. Time appears to be really quiet. Indian cuisine served aboard by a chef and the cold beer makes it even more fun. You will spend the night on a cruise, surrounded by serenity in the middle of the water. Great! Happy! And why not live in the backwaters for a night or two while you’re in the region? According to traditional recipes, you will feast on freshly caught, cooked beef. Plan your trip to Kerala and how you can best explore it with this guide. Or see these best homestays for all budgets in and around Alleppey and top hotels and resorts in Kumarakom.

Varkala, Kerala

The scene at Varkala beach, which has a long winding cliff and views of the Arabian Sea, is enough to steal your breath away. The cliff sits along a paved walkway, filled with coconut palm trees, picturesque restaurants, beach huts, hotels and guest houses. The sparkling beach is located at the bottom of the cliff, reached from the top of the cliff by steps. Varkala is one of the best beaches in India and is not shocking. It’s certainly pictorial! This guide helps you schedule the journey. This travel guide will help. Love the beach? Love the beach? Here are some of Kerala’s best beaches.

Fort Kochi, Kerala

It has a beautiful city that has had a diverse effect. It is regarded as the Gateway to Kerala. Everyone in the City has left their mark on the Arabs, French, Dutch, Chinese, and Portuguese. Kochi is recognized by most people from the photograph of the renowned Chinese nets on the waterfront. Fort Kochi is full of history and art, a wonderful place for walking and traveling. See these 10 highlights in Fort Kochi and 15 boutique hotels and guesthouses in Fort Kochi.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

The oldest and most famous temple in South India, the Meenakshi Temple, is located in antique Madurai. This temple should be one if you see just one south Indian temple! Madurai is more than four thousand years old and remains a major cultural and learning center in Tamil. The old, historic area of the town is good at cycling. Today, Madurai attracts equal numbers of pilgrims and tourists. Don’t skip these top ten sights and tourist spots in Madurai. Each year in April in Madurai, the 12-day Chithirai Festival is held with the reconstruction of a divine union of God and Goddess. If you have time, you should also visit some of these lovely temples in South India.


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Formerly a French colony in the eighteenth century, Pondicherry remains an independent region of union on Tamil Nadu’s East Coast. It maintains a distinctly French taste and gives a nice break. Drive around and along the Promenade, experience a relaxing environment, dine in tasty restaurants and explore the boutiques. In Pondicherry there are 11 cultural activities to do. A lot of spiritual seekers love Sri Aurobindo Ashram. It’s a common day trip in Auroville. Would you like to hang by the beach? For all budgets, choose from these 12 hotels in Pondicherry.

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