Best Honeymoon Destinations In Asia – 2020

Asia has some beautiful honeymoon places for your spouse to shock. And if you schedule a summer break, there will definitely be some great options. Search outside India for some lovely inexpensive honeymoon destinations.

El Nido, Philippines – Best For Water Sports

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Philippines in May has some of Asia’s most stunning honeymoon beach resorts, but then El Nido is on this chart. El Nido provides many fun activities for newlywed couples in its northern location of the sparsely populated Palawan Island. Also the dining experience with your partner is very unique and romantic. The honeymoon is one of Asia’s best spots.

Malaysian Borneo, Sabah – Beaches And National Parks

This is the perfect place in Asia while looking for an offbeat honeymoon! Borneo really is a haven for nature lovers. It’s one of the two places on the left where Orangutans can be seen in the wild. So as immigrants spend time discovering nature on rainforest trekking, sightseeing through national parks and relaxing at pristine beaches on their honeymoon.

Luang Prabang, Laos – Romantic Historical Location

In the Lao province, Luang Prabang is a quaint city by the river with a French colonial twist and is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Asia. This summer you will spend the romantic holiday amongst the best honeymoon destinations in Asia. Discover the beautiful architecture of France and Golden Buddhist temples, the romantic cascades, the ancient basement temples.

Japan – The Land Of Cherry Blossoms

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Is deemed a popular destination for Asian honeymoon, Japan is a romantic getaway, a dream come true. Honeymoon in Japan would certainly be a great memory of new couples with an adventure that combines ancient culture with rituals, fantastic hospitality, world-class cuisine. Stay in a luxurious Ryokan with private baths and enjoy the scenic scenery in the picturesque rural villages and quaint neighborhoods full of cherry blues.

Goa, India – For A Promising Nightlife & Romance

There’s no better place for honeymoon than Goa in Asia while looking for the best beaches. The beach spot is a popular destination for many lovers who want to flee everyday life and spend time in the scenic paradise of Goa in pure bliss. This tropical paradise is perfect for honeymooners wanting to explore Goa’s nightlife together with a relaxed stay along pristine beaches.

Kerala, India – For A Blissful Staycation In A Houseboat

Kerala, which is also known as the God’s Own Country, boasts pristine scenery, surrealistic backwaters and Chinese fishing networks, and offers a breathtaking backdrop to luxury houseboats, rendering it a holiday destination in Asia during the Summer period. Couples will eat and indulge by sailing on the crystalline waters of Kerala in the center of palm trees and scenic beaches in one of the houseboats.

Taiwan – Explore The Authentic Oriental Cuisine

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Taiwan is one of Asia’s best honeymoon destinations, with plenty of vibrant cities and beautiful places to visit, and offers the opportunity of a stunning honeymoon trip, including breathtaking mountains, urban landscapes, waterfalls, hot-spring resorts and more. It is also suitable for explorers, climbing and cycling.

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