Best Italian Islands for Summer Holiday

Beloved Italy boasts pristine beaches, fantastic music, and great food. Why not head to one of the many islands that deliver all this and a nice, holiday-friendly pace? See this chart and choose the destination you want.


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Only about 300 people reside on the remote island, which is surrounded by blue seas, underground cellars, ancient Bronze Age settlements and stunning coastline. Just one beach is accessible and the island is more popular with walkers who want a quiet and picturesque getaway.


Among affluent and rich visitors, the largest of the Pontine islands are famous. However, it is much cheaper than Capri, meaning that everybody can visit it much quicker. The coast of Ponza has beautiful beaches, azure lakes, lemon groves, and outstanding hotels. It’s a fine holiday spot, complemented with fresh seafood.


The island is also recognized as a place of exile for the controversial French Emperor Napoleon. But past in Elba goes back a long way. In the museums you will investigate archeological discoveries of the Etruscans and Romans. Numerous outdoor opportunities are also available: swimming and surfing, walking, hiking and even golfing.


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The most distinctly diverse and endangered aspect of the world and the organisms contained in NorthAfrica could be its destination, a stop between Africa and Italy. Bathers and diving lovers will find the lovely white beaches with clear water. Go on a cruise and explore the special country.


Lipari is a natural blend of nature and history, the main community of the Aeolian Islands. It boasts a vibrant community, active life, picturesque streets, and architecture. The largest town with its own name. Visitors will lounge on the beaches or at hot springs, experience an adventurous stroll or experience a picturesque cruise ride around.


The island not far from Naples has a rather heavily populated and genuine Italian climate. Procida retains its special atmosphere while the adjacent Capri and Ischia become more touristy. The port is lined with colorful fishing houses that have become an unofficial emblem of the island. Marina Corricella is a model location.


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A fast boat trip from Naples is a volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Tourists from all over the world come here for nature: thermal spas, volcanic lava, relaxing in the hot springs, the natural wonders of the country.


The island overlooks the dark blue sea and rocky water comfort. The steep rocky cliffs and trendy villas are peppered. The Phoenician Steps continue to the roof, which gives beautiful views. Capri also has a picturesque small historical town, where there are many restaurants and shops. Even seek the famous spirit of Limoncello made of organic lemons.


The Mediterranean Sea’s second-largest island is renowned for crystal blue turquoise seas, powdery be very, and a sluggish speed. There are Phoenician or Roman ruins, which draw tourists alongside the uncontaminated environment. The restaurants have a day of downtime on the beach to taste Sardinian wines and new seafood.


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A long and flexible history, visible in its modern society, the biggest island in the Mediterranean has a stunning character. The most influential symbol is undoubtedly Mount Etna–the famed volcano. The island provides spellbinding towns and buildings, and fantastic beaches that draw too many happy holidaymakers.

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