Best Places To Enjoy Trekking In Thailand

Thailand, which is colorful and lively, gives visitors more than attractions. There is an incredible area to discover, from the rocky, soaring mountains to lush rainforests. Having said this, hiking in Thailand is a great experience with many routes that will enable you to choose and see the remote mountain communities scarcely influenced by civilization.

When you brace for awe-inspiring life experience, look at some of the best places for your coming adventure with the best trekking in Thailand.

Chiang Rai

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The Chiang Rai is the northernmost region of Thailand, about 785 km from Bangkok. Trekking here is a fantastic choice, as its mountainous areas have several mountain communities, allowing you to see indigenous settlements not seen by others during your stay here. It is a haven for tourists and one of Thailand’s best trekking locations in the area of Bangkok.

Best Locations: Mueang is a good part of the trekking district

Chiang Mai

The roads are perfect for novice travelers in Chiang Mai. You will have the most incredible experience if you go on a walking tour in this region of Thailand. Trekking in Thailand Chiang Mai is a fantastic choice, with lovely trees, valley and river scenery including the Pin and Maetang as well as various ethnic minority tribal villages to discover.

Best Locations: Trekking opportunities in the Chiang Dao and Maetang regions

Hua Hin

The elephant trekking in Thailand is one of the most incredible things to do. The area is renowned for its parks, woods and hilly fields, which give an amazing place to enjoy the natural beauty of the world. On the back of a magnificent elephant, you will feel this lovely area exploring and enjoying it.

Best Locations: Elephant Village and Safari and Pang Chang Hutsadin Adventure Park are some of the various hiking places you can go to.

Khao Sok

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If you want to climb in Thailand, the Khao Sok jungle trekking is one of the best options. Here you can appreciate natural beauty on the roads and see other wonderful locations to discover, including a wild lake, flowing rivers, waterfalls, calcareous cave, and lovely campsites. If you want a day of jungle travel in Khao Sok, you’ll discover one of the best adventures of your life.

Best Locations: Khao Sok National Park–one of southern Thailand’s most interesting locations for a hike.

Doi Inthanon

At 2.565 m Doi Inthanon is Thailand’s highest mountain and one of Thailand’s best places for hiking. It’s also one of the most stunning cascades with its three spectacular slides, which cover much of the year’s highest peak. On your way up the 47 km highway, you visit a few small villages, spectacular valleys and terraced rice fields in the Hmong and Karen hill tribes.

Best Locations: There, a number of orchids, epiphytes, lichens or Moses, and almost 400 species of birds, are the best trekking paths in the mist-covered high slopes.

Kamphaeng Phet

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Kamphaeng Phet is a peaceful, beautiful province with many cultural and natural attractions, which is a historically significant part of Thailand. To the west, several national parks are clustered with dense trees and high mountains and the east, with flatlands. The many ancient ruins spread around the province can be visited.

Best Locations: The national parks with majestic mountains and lush forests are the best places to wander around in this region.

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