Best Places to Visit in India in October

Bandhavgarh National Park –Spotting Animals

During October, Bandhavgarh National Park will be rich with vegetation. In October, it’s difficult to see Bengal Tigers, but you can see striped hyenas, grey mongooses, sloth bears, Bengal foxes, jungle cats, barking deer, leopards, sambars, and other species. In addition, October is one of the finest months for birding. Brown-headed barbets, white-browed fantails, yellow-crowned woodpeckers, painted francolins, and other species may be seen here. While visiting this national park, don’t forget to see the Bandhavgarh Fort.

The Best Zones in Bandhavgarh National Park for Tiger Sighting | Monsoon  Forest

Pachmarhi – For Lush Waterfalls

Pachmarhi is one of Madhya Pradesh’s most picturesque hill towns. The hill hamlet will be surrounded by flowing waterfalls that will contribute to the valley’s lushness. There are several ancient caverns near to these waterfalls that may be explored.

In October, the greatest thing to do in Pachmarhi is go on a nature walk. Apsara Vihar, Handi Khoh, Jatashankar Caves, and Pandava Caves are some of the other popular places to visit.

5 Best Waterfalls in Pachmarhi

Rajgir – A Heritage Hidden Beauty

Lord Mahavir and Gautama Buddha are both linked with Rajgir. As a result, it is a religious site worth visiting. Aside from temples and religious attractions, this location is known for hot spring swimming, seeing the remains of Nalanda, and boating on Ghora Kotara Lake. Visit Shanti Stupa for a ropeway ride if you’re looking for some adventure.

The Rajgir dance festival takes place in October, which is a great opportunity to experience cultural and religious events. In the last week of the month, Chhath Puja is also observed. The dates of these two events vary from year to year, so double-check before booking your visit.

Rajgir: Cultural Heritage of Bihar

Lachen – Panoramic Vista

Lachen is the finest spot to experience a unique blend of Indian and Sikkimese Bhutia cultures. The month of October is ideal for taking in unobstructed panoramic vistas. Lachen’s hills will be covered with lush vegetation and colourful wildflowers.

Trekking across the hills is a major tourist attraction in this area. For natural viewing, don’t miss a trip to Lhamo Lake. Chopta Valley is the place to go if you enjoy camping.

Enroute Lachen: The Best of North Sikkim - Banani Vista

Digha – Signature October Sunsets

Digha is often known as the East’s Brighton. This tiny coastal location is known for its golden sand beaches, casuarina plantations, and, most significantly, breathtaking sunsets. This is one of the best honeymoon spots for couples who want to be alone in nature.

Sunbathing, angling (Junput beach), nature walks, shopping, and other activities are available in addition to sunset viewing. Chandaneswar Shiva Temple is a must-see for spiritual vacationers.

Digha Beach: A Romantic Holiday Destination On The Bay of Bengal

The Beach Festival takes place in October, which is also a great time to visit. Cultural concerts, thrilling events, and various carnival activities are all part of the Beach Festival.

Manas National Park – Colorful Birdwatching

The ideal time to visit Manas National Park is around October. During the month of October, it’s difficult to see Royal Bengal tigers. This is, however, the best time to go birding. Giant Hornbills, Brahminy Ducks, Serpent Eagles, Pelicans, Bulbuls, Jungle Fowls, Fishing Eagles, and other birds may be seen. Animals such as Assamese Macaques, Golden Langurs, Assam roofed turtles, barking deer, sloth bear, hispid hare, hog deer pygmy hog, and others can be seen in addition to birds. The month of October is particularly ideal for visiting sites around the park, such as Bansbari Tea Plantations, Summer Palace, and others. The ideal time to do river rafting, jungle safari, boat ride, and elephant ride is in October.

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Sunderbans Tiger Reserve – Tigers Amidst Mangrove Trees

The best time to visit Sunderbans Tiger Reserve is in October, when you may see Royal Bengal Tigers, estuary crocodiles, and river dolphins. During this season, the mangrove trees that cover this region will be luxuriant. October is the greatest month for boating. This is also a good month to go birding. October’s weather will be pleasant and less humid, allowing you to easily explore the region. Another perk of taking a vacation in October is that it is the best month to see Olive Ridley turtles.

Tigers burn bright in the Sundarbans

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