Best Places To Visit In Southeast Asia In 2020

Here are the best countries for your next journey in Southeast Asia. Oh, take your range, choose your luggage, yeah, don’t forget to take your phone, you wouldn’t want to skip the celestial sights.

South-East Asia is definitely the place to be because it provides a wide range of options to travelers with destinations rich both in culture and history. Such destinations await you with tons of adventurous experiences, varying from cultural diversity to historically important.

1. Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

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The Southeast Asian gateway in Kuala Lumpur. The area is also Malaysia’s home, a bustling region. The area is renowned for its shopping and delicious food. Enjoy family vacations, and then walk to the spectacular Batu Caves if you want some adventure.

2. Chiang Mai – Thailand

This town is a sanctuary for both adventure and shop-lovers situated in the rugged north of Thailand. There is a lot to do here, from enjoying a Thai massage to visiting the diverse attractions. Not only in the daytime, but also after sunsets, you would have time to live here, because the vibrant community has an exciting nightlife. Given recent tourist developments, Thailand is becoming increasingly popular as one of the best places for water and island hopping in South East Asia.

3. Phuket – Thailand

If a holiday is to rest at the beach, Phuket should be your favorite choice. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches and breathtaking coasts to enjoy in South-East Asia. Thailand is one of South East Asia’s most beautiful countries. This island knows that Thailand is so amazing.

4. Komodo – Indonesia

Komodo is not so common in the Jurassic Park, between the islands Flores and Sumbawa in the east of Indonesia, but is also one of the cheapest places to visit in south-east Asia. Besides the popular Lizard giant camera, it is also a paradise for nature and adventure enthusiasts. Though not much of it, though, and add it on your record too!

5. Siem Reap – Cambodia

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This is the capital of Siem Reap Province in Cambodia and is slowly become a popular tourist destination as a place to stay in hippest hotels, dining and wine courses, wellness centers and many more. But this location is more to deliver amazing experiences. So go out and explore this one of South East Asia’s most beautiful spots.

6. Ha Long Bay – Vietnam

This site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in northeastern Vietnam, and one of Southeastern Asia’ s best places to visit in November. It has become a popular place throughout the year as a popular attraction for nature adversaries and thrill-seekers. His beautiful calcareous islands will certainly grab your heart and ease your mind if nothing else.

7. Boracay – Philippines

Boracay is a small island in the Philippines, among all the best tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, about 320 km from the capital city of the world, Manila. Known for its beaches and attractions such as Wiley’s Rock, this place is perfect for your entire life and vacation.

8. Yangon – Myanmar

Myanmar is one of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful countries. This lively town in Myanmar, originally known as Rangoon, will form part of one of the trips to Southeast Asia. There is a lot to do here from engaging in festivals to visiting different temples. So when you ever consider yourself in trouble, just remember that Yangon is also one of Asia’s best places to visit.

9. Vientiane – Laos

Laos is the capital of the River Mekong which borders Thailand. Don’t skip visiting the Buddhist stupa Pha That Luang, which dates from 1586, while heading to Vientiane. Around the Mekong River Park, apart from Buddhist temples and sights, visitors can experience a breath of fresh air.

10. Sa Pa – Vietnam

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Sa Pa is a picturesque city surrounded by mountains and rice paddy fields, local villages, and hill communities, suitable for hiking in these typical villages and discovering local culture. Sa Pa also houses several really picturesque French colonial sites. It is one of Southeast Asia’s best places to visit. And this is where you should be if you want to go offbeat.

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