Best Short Trips From Singapore (Part-1)

Do you need to change the landscape in Singapore? Travel and enjoy the gorgeous, picturesque islands with no horrific airport lines and long hours of flight. A selection of outdoor places perfect for calming and shaking off the city’s heart. Such spots are perfect for those who don’t want to spend a long holiday but need a nice sunbath or stroll through the forest. And they are just going to make the best Singapore short trips you will ever recall. There are areas from Singapore half an hour to three hours away. Check the entire list and select the best choice for you. Continue to click to get a look at the list!

Desaru – For A Weekend Getaway

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Desaru is one of the best places to visit near Singapore for short trips from Singapore. This spot is a great getaway from a short urban life. Carrying a relaxed feeling and sandy beaches. White sandy beaches and blue seas have a calming effect on a tired mind that is just what underestimates island makes this one of Malaysia’s best places to explore. A ferry trip from Changi Ferry Terminal is a destination with beautiful fruit plantations and excellent golf courses.

To golfers, this is a heaven, because golf courses are provided to golfers and beginners. The’ healthy’ season to visit this location is from April to October; nevertheless, the busiest is from June to August. Snorkeling and sailing are some adventure-loving sports.

Location: Malaysia
Best Time To Visit: April to October

Cameron Highlands – For Its Tea Plantations

This is an adventurous9-hour travel train ride if you are taking a short break from Singapore, but it is worth it a great place to see the coolest weather without traveling halfway all over the country. The place is very famous for strawberries and has large tea plantations that are a great place for the whole family. Sweet little carts hawk tasty finger-like burgers around Cameron’s mountains. This is your 3-day short trip from Singapore, you can also suit it to skydiving in Malaysia if you are searching for more than one weekend.

This breeze-taking lavender garden which has a large array of lavender items and also shines a light on the medicinal and therapeutic uses of lavender will carry your enjoyment of flora. Some of Cameron’s tourist attractions also include mozy wood, suitable waterfall, Robinson waterfall, local time cave, and Singapore Butterfly Garden.

Location: Malaysia
Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year

Malacca – For Its Quaint Beauty

Malacca is the place to make a short trip from Singapore. A few hours ‘ drives from the border this beautiful and quiet location is definitely an excellent short trip for singles from Singapore. This place gives tourists precisely a perfect change of scenery. The picturesque and beautiful historic alleyways have hundreds of shops and stalls that render this spot even more spectacular. Anyone considering a short trip with their families or as a couple from Singapore would like to explore this beautiful town through reading the Malaysia Guide!

Some of this island’s attractions are tea houses that teach you the’ proper’ way to drink tea and home-turned exhibits that showcase the history of these locations. Several attributes that contribute to the strengths of this island are also antiques and good food. If you visit Malacca you must have Tandoori chicken and numerous curries. Some heritages visited frequently by visitors include Christ church, Dutch square, Malaysian navy museum, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and Baba and Nyonya Peranakan Museum.

Location: Malaysia
Best Time To Visit: April & May

Krabi – For An Island Getaway

Image result for Krabi – For An Island Getaway

You hit your holiday spot, a2-hour jet tour! One of Singapore’s best short trips, several activities are provided on this island, including kayaking, sailing, climbing and a number of interesting events, which make your weekend one of the most unforgettable. Strands such as Ko Hong, Ko Poda, and Ko Gai, or kayaks across the Andaman Sea can be also seen.

For all sorts, from an adrenaline junkie to a relaxed beach guy, the region is a great place to stay. On this tourist-friendly and marketable island, everyone has a great time. For rock climber, Railay is nirvana whereas for want tobes is Ko Lanta. There’s something for everybody here.

Location: Thailand
Best Time To Visit: November to March

Bali – An Indonesian Paradise

The description given to Bali is’ An Indonesian Paradise.’ For short trips from Singapore, this place is particularly popular for couples, who can plan a 6 days trip in Bali easily. Often regarded as the’ artistic city’ of Ubud, in combination with clear blue seas, this location is remarkably white sandy beaches. A three-hour journey from Singapore brings you to this paradise and a fantastic weekend. One of the main attractions of this location is the beautiful natural backdrops to exotic temples.

Volcanoes and jungles contribute to this great holiday destination as well. The Bali people are more welcoming than the Indonesian population on the mainland. Balinese is spoken but many foreign languages are spoken in tourism areas, including English.

Location: Indonesia
Best Time To Visit: April to October

Bintan – Away From The Hustle-Bustle

Bintan is just a 50-minute ferry trip from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and is a great distraction from the hustle of town if you’re looking for a quick weekend stay for your family from Singapore. Many fun sports include biking, cycling, and running elephants. You can also book eco-tours showcasing the natural beauty of this beautiful country. Here are some recreational activities, including parasailing and water sports.

This place has a wide blend of Malay, Chinese, Bugis and Orang Laut community. This place comprises of sea people. Visitors from Malaysia are speaking of Bahasa Indonesia and it is a Malay variant. Although this location is popular for golfing, other sporting events involve banana boat rides, kayaks or kites. There are several resorts. Take your choice from Singapore for short trips.

Location: Indonesia
Best Time To Visit: March to October

Halong Bay – For Scenic Beaches

Image result for Halong Bay – For Scenic Beaches

Why leave Vietnam Bay? How? Okay, to address that, even if you’ve been to the popular nation before, you’ve never seen anything like that in Vietnam! This paradise keeps improving with the views you will only accept when you see them from the naked eye, breathtaking beaches, and calcareous cliffs. When fishing on private cruises, the fishing villages are a sight that must not be skipped and you must never fail to swim in Cong Dam Lagoon’s crystal-clear waters. A kayaking ride all across Tra San and Cap Lan is definitely a fun experience that makes it a once in a lifetime experience, one of the best short weekend trips from Singapore.

Location: Vietnam
Best Time To Visit: October to December

Penang – An Offbeat Destination

If you’re looking for places to go from Singapore to Singapore for short trips, Penang should be on your Singapore weekend travel list. The arts and culture hub in Penang. You would definitely be amazed by the lively highways. Besides that, the food of the hawker is also identified. Make sure you’re trying the stuff!

Location: Malaysia
Best Time To Visit: November to February

Kuala Lumpur – For A Dazzling Skyline

Kuala Lumpur is one of the best places from Singapore to schedule a short trip. Malaysia’s capital city provides an overview of the accelerated new way of living. The skyline has high-rise towers that characterize the magnificence. Talk about that for your Singapore day trips. Being a well-established city, this is a convenient place for short trips from Singapore with baby, as all the needed facilities will be available and have plenty of fascinating places to visit in Kuala Lumpur.

Location: Malaysia
Best Time To Visit: December to February

Batam – A Picturesque Getaway

Image result for Batam – A Picturesque Getaway

Batam is an island in Indonesia that’s a remote, picturesque one. You will be intrigued by a little ride to this island of Singapore. There are quiet beaches and good views of the island from which to make a better journey to Singapore. The nightlife is also vibrant.

Location: Indonesia
Best Time To Visit: May to September

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