Best Short Trips From Singapore (Part-2)

Singapore is an island area, from which you can experience both couples and family vacations on an interesting short trip from Singapore. There are also the best short trips from Singapore to cover your next holiday in the city of Lion if you don’t want to skip the maximum enjoyment that this town has to bring.

Iskandar Puteri – For The Theme Parks

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Iskandar Puteri will definitely consider you and your family one of the best places for weekend trips from Singapore. The Legoland theme park is known for Hello Kitty. They’d love the place if you were to fly with your babies. The city also offers restaurants of world-class to give you splendid dining experience.

Location: Malaysia
Best Time To Visit: October to December

Yogyakarta – For A Thrilling Experience

Yogyakarta can leave the jaw-dropped by its tourist attraction, a popular place for a weekend trip near Singapore. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, a water tower, is situated nearby. Take a rickshaw and wander the streets of the city for an incredible tour of the famed Borobudur Temple.

Location: Indonesia
Best Time To Visit: May to October

Genting Highlands – For A Complete Experience

In the Pahang area of Malaysia, Genting Highlands is an integrated developer of resort growth. Hotels, hotels, shopping centers such as SkyAvenue City, Genting Premium Outlets, casinos and entertainment centers. This is one of the best tourist attraction to be viewed from Singapore on a short tour of the Titiwangsa Mountains, at an altitude of 1740 meters. Ride a Cable Card with an exciting peak.

Location: Malaysia
Best Time To Visit: March to September

Perhentian Island – For Its Pristine Beaches

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If you’re looking for short trips from Singapore to Malaysia, this is a great alternative. Perhentian Island is a collection of beautiful islands located in the Besut region of Malaysia. A highlight of this location is the sandy beaches and azure waters. We are popular for their snorkeling and diving scenes, which include some really popular places. By contrast with many others, you will learn to dive at a low cost.

Location: Malaysia
Best Time To Visit: March to November

Chiang Mai – To Relax And Unwind

Chiang Mai was established in 1296 and is a former Thailand mountain town. This stunning area is renowned for the remnants of its history as a religious center for a short trip out of Singapore. Join the elephant sanctuaries with its rustic temples and the trees. This is a great place for rest and healing.

Location: Thailand
Best Time To Visit: November to February

Sentosa Island

It is one of the nearest attractions to Singapore that sits in the immediate vicinity of the main city of Singapore. Sentosa is an island that contains several amusement parks and beaches and houses one of the most excellent places to visit in Singapore, the popular Universal Studios Singapore theme park and water park.

Location: Singapore
Best time to visit: June- July, October – December

Hoi An – To Explore The Countryside

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The town of Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s pristine areas. It has a lot of sunlight and is a picturesque Victorian town in the hills to enjoy. It’s the perfect beach and visitor spot.

Location: Vietnam
Best time to visit: February to June

Yangon – Relish The Culture

Every year, Yangon is Myanmar’s capital, which draws thousands of tourists. Through taking a three-hour flight from Singapore, you will visit the breathtaking Myanmar countryside. Display various temples and admire the magnificent country’s culture.

Location: Myanmar
Best time to visit: November to January

Johor Bahru – Explore The Ancient Temples

If you are searching for beautiful places close to Singapore, then Johor Bahru in Malaysia can’t be a better option. Johor Bahru is host to the glass-enclosed Temple of Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman, one of the most well-known Hindu temples in the country. You will be intrigued by the outside as well as the inside of the temple as it is lined with various types of glasses— clear, mirrored and decorated. The position can be reached by car or bus in 45 minutes, so there is no trouble in the area of Singapore.

Location: Malaysia
Best time to visit: April to October

Langkawi – For Adventure Lovers

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Langkawi, an archipelago of 99 islands, is situated near the Thailand border and can be reached by direct flight in about 90 minutes. You need to go to this location for a short vacation in Singapore if you are a beach person. You should lounge in the heat and prepare for aquatic sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving. A cable car lifts into the mountain of Gunung Mat Chinchang from where you can take a stroll over Sky Bridge is also an option. As you stroll here, you get to see the rainforest canopy better, which is why many wildlife lovers and photographers fly around here.

Location: Malaysia
Best time to visit: January to March

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