Best Things to Do in Alaska State

Take a Boat to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

The Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve off the South Coast of Alaska outside Juneau has several popular choices, but it is only available by air or cruise. There’s no rush to drive there. Glacier Bay is frequently enjoyed by a huge audience as part of an Alaskan Interior float. Juneau and other South Alaskan communities surrounding the 3,3-million-acre park are also accessible for day-long boat trips around the Region. You can see some big tidewater glaciers as well as wildlife on your calm and cold ride across the fingers and bays of Glacier Bay. Gustavus town, at the southern end of National Park Glacier Bay, provides several facilities for a country-based trip such as the park’s headquarters, visitor center as well as lodging and a local airport with 30-minute flights to Juneau.

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Whilst the National Park and Preserve of Glacier Bay is available during the year, an operation is highly restricted in winter and the Boaters and Camping Visitor and Visitor’s Info Station is accessible from May to early September. The choice of boats and cruises differs by season, too.

Take a Tour on the Riverboat Discovery

Leave the Fairbanks and carry you on a picturesque tour of the Chena and Tanana Rivers on a grand riverboat Discovery, while you hear about Alaska’s modern and typical forms of living. In front of the house and late Susan Butcher’s kennels you can pause and find out about sled dogs, and another pause is an Athabascan camp and learn about salmon selection, cooking, vaping, and storage. A highlight of the tour is the Chena Indian Village to visit an Athabaskan Village and to have a better glimpse at the tools, houses, and livestock that are part of their own history. The most significant aspect is the Riverboat Exploration. The cruise lasts approximately 3 and a half hours and starts and finishes in a large donation shop in Fairbanks harbor.

Per year, from May to September, Riverboat Exploration tours operate from 8:45 a.m. until services start every day. And instead of at 2 p.m. Bookings are important for the trip, even during the busy season. Spaces full.

Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau

Located 12 miles outside Juneau, until winding up on Mendenhall Lake, Mendenhall Glacier covers Mendenhall River. Overlook the glacier and experience dry, healthy views of this natural wonder, as well as exhibitions and movies about glaciation research and history in the region. The Mendenhall Glacier Glacier Visitor Centre. Many paths that often begin in the vicinity of the visitor center, allow tourists to see the 13-mile glacier, and the nearby wildlife and glaciation.

The Visitor Center of Mendenhall Glacier will be available regularly from 1 May to 25 September, including on holidays, but only accessible from October to April on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The Tongass National Forest, however, is available for the tourists all year round, running the paths across the glacier itself.

Enjoy Outdoor Recreation Near Valdez

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The tiny picturesque town of Valdez, on the south coast of Alaska, is a beautiful place to explore outdoor adventures at any time of year. The local landscape outside of Valdez also has several glaciers and waterfalls in Chugach National Forest and Prince William Sound, from rafting and backcountry hikes to ice climbing and helicopter tours. During your stay in Valdez, visit Keystone Canyon and the Staatsrecreation Site of the Worthington Glacier, or engage in one of the town’s popular fishing derbies, which awards cash prizes for the biggest fresh and silver fishing.

Island Hop in Ketchikan

The town of Ketchikan was founded across a variety of islands and bays along the coastline of Alaska’s Insider Channel, near British Columbia, at the eastern end of Alaska. The city of Ketchikan has a range of open-air facilities on offer in the national park Misty Fiords, a mountain of glacier-carved waterfalls which salmon-brewing waterfalls, and is renowned for the numerous totems in the Netherlands and the Totem Heritage Centre. Ketchikan is the largest collection of totem poles in the country.

See the Northern Lights in Fairbanks or Barrow

Fairbanks is one of the finest destinations to display Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, due to its position in Nord Alaska, situated just 150 km south of the Arctic Circle. There are tours to places such as Chena Lake and Murphy Dome open in Fairbanks, so you can even take a 4-wheel drive to see the lights yourself.

Meanwhile, a somewhat different experience is provided by a small northern town of Barrow, situated 330 miles north of the Arctic Circle, to see Aurora Borealis. The images of Barrow on the Aurora show are unmatched in the state and contain the local Inupiat community, renowned for the popular usage of dogsledding. However, it will take you almost a year to observe the negative temperatures.

Celebrate the Iditarod Dog Sled Race in Nome

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Located in Norton Sound on the central west coast of Alaska, the town of Nome is most notable for the popular Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Run, which stretches about 1000 miles daily, beginning in early March, from Anchorage to Nome. However, the town is still very rich in gold mines due to the Klondike Gold Rush and provides a number of outdoor activities during the whole year throughout the local region. There’s always lots to do in Nome even if you aren’t in the town for the dogsled run.

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