Iconic Street Foods In Chennai That Will Make You Drool!

Except in wealthy metro cities, push carts, roadside stalls, and food trucks have some of the best meals. Chennai, like the rest of India’s cities, has a thriving street food scene. Its incredible culture is reflected in its cuisine as well. If you think chaats and idlis are the only street foods common in Chennai, you must try the irresistible street foods such as parottas, sundal, atho man, muttai curry, and kozhi roast. Here’s a list of 18 of Chennai’s best street foods that will make you want to grab a snack.

Atho Man

Atho Man, one of Chennai’s most popular street foods, is a Burmese dish that has become so popular in Chennai that its origins have been forgotten. Anyway, Atho Man is a simple orange-colored noodle dish mixed with fresh raw vegetables and served. Small stalls selling Atho Man can be found in almost every corner of Chennai’s streets, with people lining up to purchase a dish.

Atho Man | Home delivery | Order online | Royapuram George Town Chennai

Paani Poori

You can call them Golgappas in north India, Phuchka in West Bengal, Paani poori in Mumbai and Chennai, or something else, but people will always enjoy them. All of life’s best pleasures are these tiny tasty balls filled with potato, imli chutney, ragda, green chutney, and sometimes onion. Paani poori is everything you need for a short bite or something budget-friendly and delicious in Chennai. Are you looking for the best pani puri in Chennai? Kailash Parbat, Sri Keshav Chaats, Kol style Pani Puri, and Meenu’s Pani Puri Shop are all worth a visit.

पानी पूरी बनाने की विधि Pani Puri Recipe in Hindi


There is no snack you would ever enjoy if you don’t fall in love with the masala sundal offered on Chennai’s beautiful beaches and roadside kadais. Coconut, raw mango, dried peas, and asafoetida are used in this basic street dish. They’re usually found by the beach, and they’re better consumed while enjoying the calm ocean breeze.

Chickpea Sundal | My Heart Beets


Various types of delicious street chaat can be found in Chennai chat. Some examples include aloo chaat, chana chaat, and papdi chaat. Chat is one of India’s most common foods, and even locals in Chennai enjoy your favorite puchkas. In this beautiful city, try the street-style chaat!

Samosa Chaat Recipe (Step by Step + Video) - Whiskaffair


Boli, once a poor man’s dish, is now one of Chennai’s most tasty street foods. The scent of sizzling boli will entice you to a nearby stall. It’s a sweet refined flour paratha with masded toor dal, jaggery, charoli, cardamom, almonds, and raisins stuffed inside. You must try this yummy delicious street dish if you have a sweet tooth.

Boli /Sweet poli Trivandrum delicacy Perfect Recipe - YouTube

Podi Dosai

The best-kept secret in Chennai is Podi dosai. This is definitely the spicier and most tasty dosai you’ll ever taste, since it’s made fresh and served to customers within minutes. It’s a “Chennai special snack” that’s covered in rusty red podi and will make you sweat when eating it, but it’s worth a try.

File:Open Dosa.jpg - Wikimedia Commons



They’re nothing special, but they’re just as tasty as they’ve always been. The little white steamed rice cake served on the street with sambhar or coconut chutney is undoubtedly Chennai’s healthiest street food. Idlis are a perfect and nutritious breakfast choice because they don’t need any oil. They’re steamed in a mould designed specifically for idlis.

Soft Idlis with rice flour recipe | Easy, Healthy and gluten-free


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