New Year In Italy 2020: 8 Ways To Celebrate

The last day of the year is bright and beautiful, as the aboriginal love celebrations and fireworks in the nation of Italy. The New Year celebrations in Italy start on the day of the New Year, as every other country does, with the Italians celebrating the Festa di San Silvestro. Most of the time people spend with friends and family. As you could have expected, food is an important part of any Italian festival and the New Year festivities in Italy are no different. Italians conclude that evil spirits do not enjoy the sound of the explosions, crashing panes or just opening a bottle of great Italian champagne during the New Year’s Eve.

Since the New Year’s Eve is an incredible country to visit, most major cities host numerous events that will crowd places and plan your visit in advance.

1. Feast And Party

Italian food is always sliced when you think to mouth-watering kitchens. During this year Italians should gather their friends and families for wonderful festivities. The lens menu for New Year’s Dinner is one of the popular customs of Italy. Lentils, Italians say, are a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

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Some areas of Italy often call the dinner a cotechino or a campion–all pork dishes as a sign of survival. In most large towns, there are many festivals of different varieties–including performances, the dance, dances and other activities all the way up to dawn. There are also many parties you can go to during the new year in Italy if you don’t want to see something happen.

2. Countdown Kisses

A famous history is everywhere and the midnight kiss is accompanied by tradition. The clock is to strike next. In Italy, Venice is unique with its yearly’ Love’ festival at Piazza San Marco. Following the feast, tens of thousands assemble in San Marco to watch the fireworks and sing the New Year’s song hoping for the midnight kiss. Most of them embrace peace and love, while others just try a smooch. Choose a companion and witness fun in Italy no matter where you are heading through the New Year, if you can’t go to Venice.

3. Fireworks

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As we said at the beginning, Italians believe evil spirits hate sound. Therefore, in the New Year in Italy fireworks are popular and very noisy. Some places with colorful lights shine throughout the town for more than hours. In most towns the main square is home to public fireworks. The display of fireworks with view of Castel dell’Ovo in Naples, over the Colossus in Rome and a reflection on Arno fireworks in the new days in Florence Italy, adding to Italy’s already lit nightlife, is considered the best exhibits in the country. The EStense Family Castle in Ferrara shows even fireworks, which give a beautiful view of music and the spectators of hundreds of them.

4. Palazzo Ducale

Italy in Italy 2019 still has plenty to offer for New Year if you’re looking for something else or if you find your place in peace and less noise. Many museums are opened during the event, but this day there are very few museums open at night. Enjoy the masterpieces of Picasso on a guided tour to the Ancient Delta Museum of Comacchio at midnight in Genoa at Palazzo Ducale or enjoy a classy gala dinner. Eight of the famed Palazzi dei Rolli of Genoa will receive tourists until the summer. Do not overlook, when planing your trip, to search what is available.

5. Traditional Celebration Of Bologna

The world continues to be amazed by the abundance of art, heritage and nutrition. Throughout northern Italy, Bologna is the source of a unique New Year custom. The Rogo del Vecchione is rendered each day of the year, 31 December,–the title of a specially crafted dummy designed every year by another painter. Then the fire burns a symbol that all the bad things happened in the previous year are forgiven and the latest is accepted. It happens exactly at midnight, but other activities are conducted before the burning activity (usually a concert). You will invest the best time in any of the popular homestays in Italy.

6. Sunrise

Usually around the globe, you cook, drink, toast, party, wake up late tomorrow, want to go to bed and ignore the entire new year. In reality, in Italy it is quite special. In the very first day of the year, Italians remain awake to see the sunrise. If you really want to celebrate the Italian New Year thoroughly, get set for a couple of cups of Espresso. End your New Year in Italy with the unfolding of a new day.

While most people may argue that –Italy’s best thing must be customs and not food in various parts of the country. In order to welcome tourists that fulfill everyone’s needs, Italy is extremely diverse.

Location: Otranto in Puglia, Italy is the best place to witness a sunrise. Welcome to the Ponte della Scienza Bridge in Italy for the New Year in Rome, as the suntans synchronize seamlessly with the tunes of Daniele Rea, the jazz pianist.

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7. Dance Till Dawn

For dance and music buffs, it’s best to go to Piazzetta in Capri to mark New Year’s Eve in Italy, and to party until dawn. Capri is where to be this New Year, with its DJ, its amazing ambience and its thrilling atmosphere, if party dance is mainly about your friends (or perhaps only you!). It lives up to its reputation as being the best dance party area in all of Italy and is accompanied by international pubs and bars all over the place.

8. Wine And Fiery Performances

If you want to keep jazzing up with a little alcohol and glamor in the night, then you can go to Piazza del Popolo. The all-night New Year party (Prosecco) and some sparkling street performances should make the New Year’s festivities completely thrilling in Italy! And the fireworks at midnight would make you want to come here every year to celebrate the New Year! Rumour, the festivity this year will feature sumptuous New Year dinners and open-air performances on Piazza del Popolo!

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