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Airbnb, the same business that has utterly overwhelmed traveling hotels and lodgings, also aims to do the same with adventure travel. Airbnb Adventures recently revealed will come under the scope of the Airbnb Encounters, although it will take some days to the site. Best of all, local residents navigate these journeys with incredibly cheap rates that render them more available than ever.

For over 200 choices now available and further new products constantly introduced to the line-up, the latest Airbnb campaign was released. This will make it incredibly challenging to navigate all the paths, so we chose to search after ourselves. These are our options for the best Airbnb Journeys on the network after comparing the several diverse travel experiences to choose from!

Track Lions on Foot in Kenya

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Learning to track wild lion in their natural environments, travel on Kenya to this Airbnb Adventure. The 3-day trip will carry visitors far into the jungle and spend time thinking about Samburu and African wildlife. Sleeping in a safari camp, enjoying a lunch on the savannah, as well as being able to get up near to some of the world’s most amazing animals are highlights. (Cost: 500 dollars)

Hunt the Elusive Sasquatch in Olympic National Park

This quest brings travelers to the heart of the Olympic National Park in pursuit of the mythical sasquatch showing that Airbnb Journeys can be as enjoyable as they are adventurous. Over hundreds of years, this mysterious beast has been the root of many fantastic tales and theories, with so little evidence that anything is real. But, when heading on the trip of three days to see if you will prove that the’ squatch’ is genuine in the end, you can encounter naturalists and professional Big Foot hunters. (Price: 1400 dollars)

Trek to the Hidden Wonders in Peru

Peru gives travelers a range of options and, still, most prefer to follow the road to Machu Picchu. Instead of this Airbnb Adventures trip, you want to visit the distant Colca Canyon. Visitors will discover geothermal surprises, ancient petroglyphs and maybe see condors there. We must notice them there. The two-day trip involves a trip of another Peruvian archeological wonder the lost town Uyo Uyo. (Price: 152 dollars)

Hunt With Eagles in Remote Mongolia

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Using eagles to kill foxes in Mongolia is a long-established practice, but few visitors will ever have the ability to see first hand or witness themselves. On the 4 day journey, travelers can go to remote Mongolia to visit nomads and learn how to train and look after their eagles. Afterward, they head to the mountains on horseback, seeing the search in one of the few wildernesses on earth that are still untouched. (Price: 620 dollars)

Mountain Bike the Himalayas

Trekking has for decades been the backbone of the Himalayas but now mountain biking is growing more and more common. Airbnb Adventures offers an 11-day route that takes riders deeply into the Himalayas on the popular Annapurna Circuits to fulfill their demands. This demanding tour will test riders ‘ legs and lungs on a twisty high altitude track. Nonetheless, there are other perks, including some of the planet’s most spectacular views and the potential for trips to isolated mountain communities by road. (Price: 1890 dollars)

Ski the King’s Trail in Sweden

This outdoor experience is all that winter warrior enjoys. It takes the warriors to the Kungsleden or King’s Path in Sweden for an 8 days 270-mile ride. The trip will carry rugged tourists on inaccessible roads, through frozen streams, glacial glaciers and over snow-capped peaks and on their way to mountain lodges. The trip is self-supporting and is packed with both their gear and provisions that skiers drag behind in the wild throughout the winter for a week. (Price: 1664 dollars)

Hike an Ancient Route to Petra in Jordan

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Petra undoubtedly is one of the world’s most amazing attractions, but most of the tourists are happy to see it along the daily path. Airbnb Adventures is an interesting route to travel to the “Rose Red Town” by climbing. The seven-day trip begins in the town of Dana and traverses the mountains of Jordan to the Bedouin villages along the way. This is a genuinely interesting way to see a fresh and exclusive famous tourist destination. (Price: 1850 dollars)

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