Things to know About Asia

Asia is a giant continent, so huge that it takes up a third of the entire globe’s land vicinity.  This robotically makes it the most populous continent on this planet.  Asia is a continent of specialty, fascination and bewilderment all brought about by way of its cultures, economies, populations, landscapes, flowers, and animals.

Things to know About Asia

The oldest civilizations, maximum peaks, populous towns, and tallest buildings are all observed in Asia. underneath you will find our curated thrilling facts approximately Asia.  Information approximately way of life, geography, animals, vegetation, and greater!

  1. It’s far the birthplace for some of the oldest civilizations of the world.
  2. In China, it isn’t unusual to stumble upon canned sparkling air on sale.  That is due to the significant air pollution that has rocked us of a because of its expansive industrialization.
  3. Apparently, consistent with a regulation in Japan, human beings above 40 years of age should get their waists checked mandatorily.  And if observed above the brink defined for both genders, they’ll need to follow a strict diet plan to lessen their weight.  Conclusively, it’s far illegal to be fat in Japan!
  4. Sill on the brand new yr, Thailand celebrates this occasion (referred to as the  Songkran pageant) now not on 1st January, but sometime in mid-April, for 3 days.  Even weirder is the way Thais have fun these days-the use of water weapons and water pistol to spray every other.
  5. It’s miles the home to some of the maximum remarkable and specific wildlife; which include animals which include, Pandas, Elephants, Tiger, King Cobra, Yak, Indian Rhinos, and so on.
  6. India is the sector’s main manufacturer of Mangoes.  Every 12 months it produces about 12 million heaps of the fruit.
  7. The first ever farmers and merchants were Asians.
  8. Many nations boast of, three or even five professional languages.  India by myself has 30 of them even as Indonesia brags at 12.
  9. Asia is one of the fastest developing economies within the global.  That stated, it is also domestic about 44 tribes within reality no touch to fashionable civilization.  They live by myself, inside the jungles of Indonesia and Papua.
  10. In a small metropolis in India, referred to as Sholapur, newborn youngsters are thrown from the top of a 50-foot tower to deliver them top success and wealth.
  11. One of the most outstanding Asia records is this continent is domestic to seven of the world’s ten largest towns (by means of the population).  These cities are Shanghai, Beijing, Istanbul, Karachi, Mumbai, Guangzhou and Delhi.
  12. Seven of the Asian international locations belong to the Commonwealth States.  Queen Elizabeth II of England is the pinnacle of the Commonwealth.  The Asian nations belonging to the Commonwealth are Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore and Sri Lanka.


Surprised? certainly! Asia is a continent full of surprises and hidden data.  And while these were just the nineteen of them, you could find out an entire lot your self at the same time as visiting this big continent.

VolSol provides volunteering opportunities in 9 specific countries in Asia; which includes India, China, Vietnam, Nepal, Thailand, and many others.  Therefore, supplying you with a possibility to uncover a few greater thrilling records approximately this continent.

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