Top Weekend Getaways Near Pune

One of India’s newest towns happens to be Pune. The passion to work and to the party comes from young people. We’ve selected the list of perfect weekend stays for you to help Punekars keep the job and fun intact. Popular weekend getaways near Pune like Kamshet, Panchgani, Lonavala, and Khandala have always been gorgeous. In addition to these famous picnic spots near Pune, you’ll find 16 wonderful holiday destinations near Pune to assist you with your job after a tiring week.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary – For An Encounter With The Wild

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This wildlife sanctuary in Koyna is one of the most perfect weekend trips near Pune with Shivsagar Lake on one side and the Western Ghats on the other. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary has a wide variety of flora and fauna in three habitats — Mahorkar, Indavli Met and Vasota. The protected habitat is distributed across about 420 sq km and is populated by panthers, bears of sloth, squirrels, giant squirrels, dark capped woodpeckers, cobras, and python.

Tarkarli – For White Sand Beaches

Tarkarli is well known for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear seas if you are searching for activity like Banana Walk, Kayaking, Jet Skiing, and scuba diving. It is also one of Pune’s most popular resorts. The area is a coastal protected area, so well preserved that aquatic species can be seen up to 20 meters below sea level. Tarkarli is also renowned for its wonderful Dussehra festivities and excellent Malvani cuisine.

Diveagar – For Quaint Landscapes

Diveagar is a village in the Raigad district renowned for its quiet beaches and picturesque lakes. The sand stretches between Harihareshwar and Shrivardhan are spectacular for 15 kilometers. Recently, the village became famous among the best couples on weekends near Pune after young people began to visit the village.

Bedse Caves – For Exploring The Unexplored

On the old road to Pune Mumbai, Bedse caves are situated. In reaching those Buddhist cellars of the 2nd century the most interesting and adventurous part climbs up the 400 steps of the step. The climb leads across lush and plucky foliage–the eyes are pure delight. The caves are also constructed in such a way that only the surface can be seen. It’s considered to be the best weekend trips for couples near Pune.

Kolad – For A Scenic Picnic

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The waters of the river Kundalika are painted with Kolad. And it is on the river banks, on one of the unforgettable Monsoon weekend trips near the town of Pune, that there are several camping spots. The river waters also provide some thrill water sports and are therefore the best picnic place close to Pune.

Amboli – For Its Colonial History

Amboli is a scenic hilltop situated at an elevation of around 700 meters above the base of the Sahyadri hills and the ideal place for the best weekend breaks near to Monsoon’s Pune. This offers some of the best views of the Konkan River in lush green and orange foliage. Honeymooners and couples are frequented for their exquisite environment and colonial past.

Kashid – For Calm Beaches

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When you look for the best weekend trips close to Pune, this is a heaven for peace lovers. Far from the rush of the city, all about serene sea wave, palm, and mild wind music is Kashid. Far away from the rush of the city. For those who are searching for a peaceful getaway for a day or two, the rustic beauty of Kashid is certainly enchanting. There are also many water activities in the beach town.

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