Where to Go With Your Friends in 2020

Although COVID-19 has created mayhem worldwide in terms of the ever-increasing danger, we think that it is time to motivate and prepare for the future. While this Tuscan villa is not yet rented in Italy, 2020 could be the perfect time to slow down and roll on the trains through the west of America or reach the uncovered corner of the Dominican Republic.

We hope that one of the destinations mentioned below can support you and your friends everywhere you travel this year.

Central New York

Take your best girlfriends to Rochester in central New York for an informative, inspiring and enjoyable journey. Rachel Laber Pulvino, Director of Business Engagement and Public Relations at Visit Rochester, says: “Rochester is the best spot to visit with a group of friends in March. “April’s first signs are starting to surface, new shows and festivals are opening for both museums and attractions plus the April menus of local restaurants.”

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In addition to wineries, outdoor parks, and exhibits, Rochester also has women’s empowerment as an epicenter. This year recognizes the centennial of the nineteenth amendment, in which women were allowed voting and nobody other but Susan B. Anthony resided in Rochester. This is currently the National Museum and House of Susan B. Anthony, where you will explore the legacy of her and give your respects in the graveyard of Mount Hope (Frederick Douglass is in the neighborhood). There are also other places around the campaign to be viewed. The Rochester Museum & Science Center features a wide selection of the objects of Anthony, including the Women’s Liberation National Historical Park and Seneca Falls, National Women’s Hall of Fame and a library. The Art Gallery Memorial revealed this season that they would exhibit the work of woman artists. On March 19th, Members of MAG DeTOURSM will be organizing the exhibition, which honors muses and artists in the archive of the group.


Dubai is unquestionable a city with superlatives and features the highest skyscraper in the country, the biggest island made up of the man and the longest public spaces. So get set to see the best of the best and support your chicest mates.

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In the Capital of Emirates, fashionistas will intend to visit the Dubai Centre; one of the world’s biggest malls, which has over 1,200 shops and 200 restaurants. However, for those of the party who is less than pleased with spending the day in the mall, an aquarium and ice skating rink is also there.

Texas Hill Country

Get out of the grid in the scenic Hill Country of Texas. In central Texas, this vast area is accessible towns like San Antonio and Austin-this implies quick access to two key airports-yet still seems a world away. When you are searching for plenty of leisure fun, delicious food yet local wine, this is perfect for community trips.

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Start your journey in the historic Fredricksburg, a charming German town. The home base is Settlers Crossing, a rustic B&B composed of seven beds and breakfasts spread over 35 hectares.

Michès, Dominican Republic

Miches, once a far distant fishing town, is now the site of the first all-inclusive resort in CLB Med. Tapped as a next tourist spot in the Dominican Republic.

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It is a long cry away from over-toured Punta Cana with sandy beaches and a vivid landscape. Sabrina Central, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Distribution at Club Med Punta Cana explains: “We noticed our workers sometimes went to the city of Miches during their spare time. We wanted to discover for ourselves this area and soon find out why it’s so amazing.

Guadalajara, Mexico

All on the Tequila Line! When it seems too amazing to be real, perhaps you are lucky. One such train is Guadalajara, the second-largest city in Mexico, and capital in Jalisco.

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Herradura, a famed tequila company, runs the luxurious train between Guadalajara and the hacienda, which is situated south of Amatitán on rolling agave plains. In the house, guests can appreciate a tour and a delicious Mexican lunch in addition to huge quantities of tequila and natch.

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